Crypto Cash Flow Collective Review – Why You Should Join [100% LEGIT]

Crypto Cash Flow Collective Review – Why You Should Join [100% LEGIT]

Welcome to my Crypto Cash Flow Collective Review!

The Crypto space when it comes to opportunities is usually plagued with a lot of scams.

For example, every single crypto MLM opportunity I have reviewed has eventually did a rug plug because you are sending funds to these companies directly instead of investing in legit projects.

Generally, the company owners are anonymous, and when recruitment slows down the company comes out with some excuse and good bye investments.

Crypto Cash Flow is actually different because it’s 100% education and coaching based…

What does that mean?

You will have the opportunity to invest in main stream projects with trusted websites where you are in 100% control because the funds go into your crypto wallet.

Which is refreshing to be honest.

Now let’s dive into this Crypto Cashflow review

What Is Crypto Cash Flow Collective Review?

Crypto Cash flow Collective Review

Crypto Cash Flow is an education platform that was launched originally by Dan Ryder.

Dan Ryder was in the United States Airforce and worked in the healthcare field for several years.

In 2013, he decided to make a change and started an Agency business through Ryder Media where he would help local businesses grow.

With all his marketing funnels and helping hundreds of businesses in the past, he achieved the ClickFunnels Two-Comma award three times.

Dan Ryder

Which not many people achieve in the space.

About three years ago, Dan Ryder got into crypto and through trial and error he started to make the same time of revenue as his Agency without the massive learning curve.

Dan Ryder approached me after crushing it with crypto and wanted to bring this to the masses.

We decided to get on a call and he actually set me up in a project step by step to see how well he knows all of this crypto stuff.

I put a very small amount in the project ($1000) and after a week, it was making $10+ per day…

In all of the things I invest in, never seen such huge returns.

Plus, I am in control of it…

Dan Ryder asked me if he should launch his course with coaching to the masses with his method and I just said “100% yes, this is a game changer”.

I ended up putting in a larger investment after lol.

Lets look into the products next in this Crypto Cashflow Collective Review

What Are The Crypto CashFlow Collective Products?

Crypto Cash Flow Collective is a 100% education based course with weekly call and coaching to make sure students get the best results possible.

In fact, once the student is ready to take action, Dan Ryder walks them through the process to set them up in the projects that are working for him.

Not only that the course gets you up to speed with crypto if you are new and makes it so much easier to understand.

The foundation of Dan Ryder’s method is called “The Triple S Method”.

Basically, this is the foundation that lays out the process to how to lend money on crypto exchange to earn rewards.

  • Screen; look for platforms that have pool rewards
  • Supply; lend the tokens needed
  • Stack; increase your position; cash-flow or compound rewards

When you join this Collective, Dan and his team show you how to find the highest paying liquidity pools, sometimes of over 100% APY.

What is “APY” In Crypto?

“APY” stands for Annual Percentage Yield which is the annual return on investment.

This takes into account the compound interest on top of your initial investment.

Which means you earn interest on the interest on your crypto.

Every exchange has a different “APY” and not all cryptocurrencies or exchanges have the opportunity to stake their crypto.

What is staking?

Staking is when you lock your cryptocurrency with the goal of earning rewards or interest.

All cryptocurrency assets earn “APY” at a different rate depending on the exchange you store your crypto in.

Now, there are many scams out there in this space as well, this is why it’s very important you learn from someone like Dan Ryder to get the best results and avoid scammers.

In fact, I have reviewed so many crypto MLM’s who scammed people out of money and I am personally tired of it.

This is why I recommend Dan Ryders education and his coaching to make sure you are good to go (Click Here For More Info).

What are liquidity pools?

A liquidity pool is a crowdsourced pool of cryptocurrencies or tokens locked in a smart contract that is used to facilitate trades between assets on decentralized exchange (DEX).

Traditional markets have buyer and sellers, but many decentralized finance (DEFI) platforms use automated market markers (AMMS), which allow trades to happen automatic through the liquidity pools.

Those trades have fee’s which is where the rewards are produced.

Next let’s look into the affiliate program in this Crypto Cash Flow Review

Does Crypto Cash Flow Collective Have An Affiliate Program?

Crypto Cash Flow Collective does have an affiliate program that pays $1000 per sale and $250 on your level 2.

There is no cost to joining this program and you can get started right here.

What Are Other Crypto Cash Flow Collective Reviews Saying?

Right now there aren’t really any legit Crypto Cash Flow reviews because this program literally launched and I know how many students there are…

Any review right now you see will be 100% speculation and generally have their own offer to promote (bait and switch).

So if you see anyone bashing this, it’s because they have a program to sell and use unethical tactics to do whatever it takes to lure people in…

Does The Crypto Cash Flow Collective Scam Exist?

So does the Crypto Cashflow Scam exist?

Let’s just look at the facts…

First Crypto Cashflow is 100% education and coaching based and doesn’t have any crypto sent to them.

What is taught is to invest in legit projects that Dan Ryder is doing at the moment that are getting the highest APY %.

Plus, the coaching is customized to each person because everyone has a different risk tolerance.

They safer investments generally get around 15% to 20% APY where some high risk ones can get over 400% APY.

The key is to diversify the risk with a nice combination of both to get the best long term results.

Once you are ready, you can get started right here.

What makes this different from other crypto scams?

What makes Crypto Cash Flow Collective different than all of the crypto MLM companies I reviewed that ended up being a scam is simple.

Crypto Cash Flow isn’t having people invest into them and get some kind of return…

Crypto Cash Flow Collective is 100% education based with coaching that helps people to invest in legit projects online.

All of the crypto scams out there go like this…

They make some crazy claims on returns like 50% per month ROI and then they have a compensation plan that is aggressive.

The way they produce their returns is people recruiting people that invest…

That is called a ponzi scam.

Crypto Cash Flow Collective has no recruiting and again is education and coaching.

We actually invest on legit exchanges out there that are vetted.

Crypto CashFlow Review Video Summary

Crypto Cash Flow Collective Testimonials

Even though Crypto Cash Flow Collective is pretty much brand new and is just getting started the results from students have been amazing.

Check out there raving reviews:

Now the question is if you ever wanted to build your crypto assets step by step by someone who knows exactly what they have been doing for years…

Now we want to help YOU.

We have complete newbies who are just getting started and making their passive income stream online and then we have some students who have been with us for almost a year completely crushing it.

Crypto CashFlow is the #1 online business model for those just starting out.

Whether you’ve never made a dollar online, or you’ve been in this space for a while but never really “made it,” Crypto Cashflow is for you.

I know you will make the right decision.

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See you at the top,

-Jesse Singh

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