NovaTech FX Investor Claims FBI Approves The Company?

NovaTech FX Investor Claims FBI Approves The Company?

I thought I heard it all, but recently an NovaTech FX Investors are claiming the FBI audited the company and approved them for running their business they way they are…

Apparently this was done on September 22nd webinar called the “Compounding For Wealth”.

To make sure it’s not just investors, the CEO Cynthia Petion endorsed the claim and received a “700 page” audit.

So where is this report?

Apparently Cynthia Petion burned it…

Yeah that sounds super legit to me…

NovaTech FX is a cryptocurrency investment company with a MLM compensation plan attached that promises weekly passive returns.

Last time I checked, the FBI doesn’t do audits for companies…

Plus, they are not registered with the SEC to offer securities but the FBI approved them…

Not only that, they are in the FOREX business and have no registrations with the CFTC either…

Let me know in the comments below if Cynthia Petion should have kept that “FBI Audit” document and showed people for proof instead of burning it?

Who burns an audit that fast?

Personally in my humble opinion, NovaTech FX is operating as a ponzi scheme and the authorities will catch up to their shenanigan’s eventually.

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