7K Metals Review – (2023) Legit Precious Metal MLM or Pyramid Scam?

7K Metals Review – (2023) Legit Precious Metal MLM or Pyramid Scam?

Welcome to my 7K Metals review!

There has been buzz about this precious metal MLM company and I decided to take a deeper look.

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity or their precious metal products and now you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the 7K Metals products, company and compensation plan so you cam make the right decision.

Just PAY close attention and read this to the end…

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However, if you’d still like to know more about 7K metals, keep reading.

What is 7K Metals Review in 2023?

7K Metals review

7K Metals is a US Idaho based MLM company that specializes in precious metals.

The 7K Metals founders are Zach Davis, Josh Anderson, Richard Hansen, Roger Ball and Sam Cooks (CEO).

When it comes to experience in network marketing, Zach David and Josh Anderson have a lot.

Zach Davis first learned the power of referral marketing as a college student.

From his first experience in the industry to his most recent he has helped thousands of people realize their ability to make a more significant contribution to the world.

Josh Anderson got his first taste of network marketing at the age of 21. He was able to build a large team that focused on other people’s success. That team reached over 18,000 people in its first year.

In 2008 Josh, influenced a new MLM company that in 120 days grow to 9,000 people, at which time Josh become the CEO of the company and lead the company to over 26,000 distributors.

Back in 2011, Davis and Anderson together ran a training company called Black Ink International.

Anderson cites himself as the CEO of JD Premium from 2009 to 2011.

JD Premium promoted a range of nutrition and personal care products and the company was shut down by Roger Ball in 2015.

Zach Davis served as the JD Premiums Chief Marketing Officer from 2009 to 2011.

On top of running Black Ink International with Anderson, he was also an affiliate for Paycation in 2012.

7K Metals is a Multi-level Marketing company that offers memberships that give people access to precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze.

The MLM company believes it can help members achieve financial freedom by investing their wealth in gold and silver.

They also talk about how they offer the most affordable precious metals in the market.

Now let’s look at the products next in this 7K metals review…

7K Metals Products Review

Like any legit network marketing company they much offer products or services to customers.

7K Metals most popular products are the following:

  • American Gold Buffalo 1 oz. coin ($1,845)
  • Pamp 5 oz. gold bar ($8,800)
  • Royal Canadian Mint 100 oz. silver bar ($2,000)

Here are more best-sellers they are offering right now…

7K metals products

7K metals is not the only company in this came and a lot of other companies offer similar range of metals such as goldsilver.com.

Not only that, there are other MLM companies that offer similar products such as:

  • Fluorescent Sand
  • Real Gold
  • Karatbars International
  • Global InterGold

7K Metals Compensation Plan

7K Metals affiliates get started that can either buy precious metals or sponsor other affiliates and earn a commission.

Commissions inside of 7K metals is paid through a binary compensation plan structure.

Position in a binary can be filled directly or indirectly by team or downline members.

7K Metals commissions are paid out on the subscriptions fee’s which are tracked through points:

  • purchase of a Regular affiliate ($249 a year) generates 100 points
  • purchase of a Premium affiliate ($499 a year)  generates 150 points
  • purchase of coins by recruited affiliates generates 20 points (cited as a typical amount)

At the end of each week 7K Metals adds up all the new points produced on both sides of the binary team.

For every 500 points matched on both sides, there is a $500 commission paid.

There will be caps depending on the following criteria:

  • Associate (recruit and maintain at least two MLM commission qualified affiliates, split one on each side of the binary team) – $500 weekly commission cap
  • Copper (recruit and maintain at least four MLM commission qualified affiliates (two must be Associate), split two on each side of the binary team) – $1000 weekly commission cap
  • Bronze (recruit and maintain at least six MLM commission qualified affiliates (two must be Copper), split three on each side of the binary team) – $2000 weekly commission cap
  • Silver (recruit and maintain at least ten MLM commission qualified affiliates (two must be Bronze), split five on each side of the binary team) – $3500 weekly commission cap
  • Gold (recruit and maintain at least sixteen MLM commission qualified affiliates (two must be Silver), split eight on each side of the binary team) – $7000 weekly commission cap

To be qualified to earn commissions in the binary compensation plan you must produce at least 20 points every 32 days.

Any left over volume or points is carried over to the next pay period.

How Much Does It Cost To Join 7K Metals Reviews?

You have two membership options you can choose from.

7K Basic Membership

Pay $249 annually for a 7K basic membership and get access to precious metals at wholesale cost.

7K Premium Membership

Pay $499 annually for a 7K Premium membership and gets you everything in the 7K basic plus much more.

For example, not only do you get access to precious metals at wholesale, now you can get wholesale pricing on 1 Silver Eagle Coin, 1 Medallion, 1 World Coin, 1 Silver Round Coin, and an annual Business Builder credit as inclusions.

Now unlike all the other 7K Metals reviews out there I am going to answer some tough questions that might be on your mind…

Is 7K Metals A Scam

The 7K Metals scam actually doesn’t exist but that doesn’t mean this company is without flaw.

What I do like about the company is it’s offering you a product that can appreciate overtime.

Also some of their products are very competitive but I did notice they are sold out way more often on their 7K Metals website.

Maybe they should stock more on that?

7K metal products sold out

At the time of this review the price of Silver was around $17 so that is below market which is good…

It’s just it’s sold out…

Is 7K Metals A Pyramid Scheme

When it comes to 7K Metals compensation plan structure, I would recommend them offering more retail incentives to keep them out of pyramid scheme territory.

This doesn’t mean it’s a pyramid scheme, but to keep them safe specially with the FTC I highly recommend that.

I know they do have a 7K Metals coin of the month, but they need to do better…

Unlike all the biased 7K Metals reviews out there, I am going to give you my unbiased conclusion next so you can make the best decision.

Conclusion – 7K Metals Scam Real?

7K Metals is doing most things right when it comes to network marketing, however, there needs to be some improvements.

I believe with the improvements I suggested this company can really hit the next level in this space.

Plus the competition in this niche is very stiff and you really need to do something different to stand out.

Just in the network marketing space there are several other companies that offer similar products and compensation plan.

So what makes 7K metals better than those?

Not much really…

I guess which ever brand resonates you with the best…

I hope you enjoyed my 7K Metals review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below…

Now before you go and need help growing you 7K metals business…

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7K Metals

-Jesse Singh

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