Mary Kay Closes Operations in Australia and New Zealand

Mary Kay Closes Operations in Australia and New Zealand

Mary Kay pulls the plug in Australia and New Zealand according to their website in Australia…

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Mary Kay Closes Operations in Australia and New Zealand On March 5, 2020.

Now they do claim they informed everyone of this below hand, but seems to be it was a surprise to some distributors.

The company explains that it was forced to close down in those countries because it wasn’t “a sustainable future in either market”.

It is a decision Mary Kay has not taken lightly, however a combination of market conditions across Australia and New Zealand are such that the business does not see a sustainable future in either market.

According to a reddit,

Okay so it’s my first post and I was waiting for my Mary Kay consultant position to expire… But I just saw my Director go live on FB crying and distraught about Mary Kay’s immediate closure in Australia and New Zealand. I didn’t see this coming. It was business as usual with promotions, new product, conference qualifications etc. Here is the info from the website:

Mary Kay Closes Operations in Australia and New Zealand On March 5, 2020, Mary Kay Inc., the global beauty company and leader in skin care innovation, closed its businesses in Australia and New Zealand.   It is a decision Mary Kay has not taken lightly, however a combination of market conditions across Australia and New Zealand are such that the business does not see asustainable future in either market. Mary Kay will be focusing on its core growth markets across the globe.   Mary Kay staff and the independent sales force in Australia and New Zealand were informed of the closures in advance of the wider market. Mary Kay is grateful for the dedication and support of its employees and independent sales force members through the years. Mary Kay also thanks its customers who have shown love and support towards its products, since it launched in Australia nearly fifty years ago and in New Zealand thirty years ago. Although commercial operations have ceased, Mary Kay Inc will be accepting returned products from its salesforce until April 6, 2020.   Thank you.

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Edit: Wow! First post and Silver! Thank you and plz buy my left over Mary Kay stock! On another note, there was gonna be a Career Conference this month. Ain’t that a doozy.[1]

Mary Kay’s Australia and New Zealand social media accounts have been deleted.

Affiliates can return the products back to the company and have April 6th to return them.

The only problem is they have removed access to their back office for these distributors which may cause issues.

This is the down side when it comes to network marketing and should look into affiliate marketing.

You are still in the mercy of the company…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the news!

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