Breaking News: NovaTech FX Forced to Stop Trading in Ontario, Canada

Breaking News: NovaTech FX Forced to Stop Trading in Ontario, Canada

Oh, dear NovaTech FX, things are not looking good for you.

It seems that the Ontario Securities Commission has taken a harsh stance against you and issued a temporary cease trade order.

You might want to put your party hats away for a while.

The writing was on the wall for this order following NovaTech FX’s securities fraud warning last December.

And if that wasn’t enough, their Ponzi scheme went belly-up earlier this month, adding insult to injury.


The OSC is not taking this lightly and has kicked off a full-scale investigation into NovaTech FX’s securities fraud, leading to the imposition of the fifteen-day cease trade order.

It’s an open secret that NovaTech FX is in big trouble, and the OSC is now calling on victims in Ontario to come forward.

It’s a public relations nightmare!

But wait, there’s more! NovaTech FX and their founders, Cynthia and Eddy Petion, are facing regulatory investigations not only in Canada but also in the US.

They might have to pay the piper sooner rather than later.

The Petions, who are US nationals with ties to New York and Florida, have been keeping a low profile lately, and nobody knows where they are.

They’re probably hiding from the consequences of their actions.

As a result of all this bad publicity, NovaTech FX’s website traffic has taken a significant hit, with only a paltry 6% coming from Canada and a mere 68% from the US.

Looks like their days of making a quick buck are over, and the chickens have come home to roost.

They should have known that you can’t keep defrauding people and getting away with it forever.

What a shame!

Maybe it’s time to stop joining these scams, and join legit opportunities like this one here.

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