PetronPay Security Token Crashes And Hits ZERO, Game Over!

PetronPay Security Token Crashes And Hits ZERO, Game Over!

PetronPay Security Token that was launched on on CoinJab exchange, had completely crashed and hit zero.

To be honest, this was no surprise at all to me because in my original PetronPay review, I did call out this company to be a ponzi scam.

In the beginning, the company was claiming to be an oil based company and returns were based on that.

In 2021 when Bitcoin crashed from $64,000 to $32,000, PetronPay stopped paying and blamed it on the cryptocurrency.

Which didn’t make any sense because I thought their returns were based on oil barrels?

To string the investors along, Petron Pay launched their own Petron Pay security token which I said is their exit scam strategy.

When the ERC-20 token first launched, it hit a value of $3,443 which is actually unbelievable for a brand new token.

Normally they go through the phases where it’s worth 1/1000’s or less of a penny and slowly climbs up when more people buy.

From May 10th to May 14th, PetronPay token went from $3,443 and dumped to $767.40.

Which was the dip, it looks like it climbed back up to $1,332 and kept dumping since then.

In a matter of a month, PetronPay token lost over ten times it’s value.

That is typical of a ponzi crypto MLM launching it’s own token.

It’s always a huge pump then dump where now 1000’s of members are left with useless tokens.

As of right now July 5th, 2021, the PetronPay Security Token has hit zero.

Looks like before the dump on June 28th, 2021, the token hovered around $153.

Since June 29th until now, it’s zero.

This is what I was talking about when I said this token was going to be their exit scam strategy.

Where is the CEO Johnny Grant?

Looks like he went missing right before this token launch.

Anyway, next is going to be the website just going offline…

As of right now the website is online.

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