Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses To Buy In 2023

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Courses To Buy In 2023

There has been a lot of buzz about the term “affiliate marketing” and it seems a lot of people are teaching on this topic.

The truth is not every affiliate marketing course is the same…

What do I mean by that?

Some affiliate marketing courses are very basic where the information can be found on YouTube and others are state of the art.

Now the affiliate marketing industry is growing year to year, in fact, by 2023 it will be worth $15 billion.

All of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon, Walmart, and Bestbuy (and many more) actually leverage affiliates.

Not to mention, a very low-tier publisher (affiliate) generates an average of $35,000 per year via affiliate commissions.

Pretty impressive if you ask me…

Now if you have been at it for sometime but not getting the results you want maybe it’s time to stop watching YouTube videos and sign up for some online affiliate marketing training.

Now maybe you are completely new but just love the idea of affiliate marketing and you want to start generating some online commissions, well an online affiliate marketing training is for you as well.

Whichever the case, you’ve landed on the right page because I am going to show you the top 10 affiliate marketing courses to buy in 2023 and beyond.

Top Affiliate Marketing Courses:

1. Entre Institute By Jeff Lerner


Entre Institute is a bit different then everything else here because it’s more than just an affiliate marketing course.

It’s a complete experience like a University but without the time frame and cost.

In Entre Institute, they actually build a custom plan for you depending on what your goals are.

In other words, you won’t get some cookie cutter experience, but a custom one where you will have access to advisors and facilitators to make sure you are getting the most out of the Entre Institute program.

You will learn how to build digital assets like social media, websites, sales funnels, and email list to start earning commissions online.

Not only that, you will learn exactly how to target the right audience with right copywriting so you get the best results.

So if you are completely new, Entre Institute will give you the best experience out there because it’s not just you going through the course.

There is a team helping you.


2. Legendary Marketer By David Sharpe

Legendary Marketer website

Legendary Marketer is a great affiliate marketing course where you will learn about:

  • Lead generation
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • And much more.

Similar to Entre Institute in a way, where you do get a one on one advisor as well, but it’s not as robust.

Legendary Marketer is more geared towards people who want to promote Legendary Marketer and doesn’t give you the training to promote things that you want.

Yes the training can be applied to anything, but it’s not a custom experience.


3. Commission Hero

Commission Hero website

Commission Hero was created by the number one ClickBank affiliate who teaches a three-step system that is easy to understand and implement.

According to the program, it took over four years to perfect this system but you won’t be spending that much time implementing it.

This is geared towards newbies and you can promote any ClickBank affiliate product you want.

Some of the things it includes is:

  • Done-for-you landing pages
  • Facebook Ads training
  • A swipe file of ads
  • Loads of videos
  • 20 ad images
  • Access to a weekly private coaching group
  • Snapchat training
  • A bonus module on email marketing


4. Multiple Income Funnel

Multiple Income Funnel website

This is a done for you system that shows you how to leverage affiliate marketing and send traffic to the Multiple Income Funnel system that is designed to produce commissions for you.

The training is specific to this program, but the income potential is actually great.

The downside is you can’t use this training for anything else, but there are people who are completely crushing it with it.

It’s pretty much a business in a box where you get:

  • Done for you funnels
  • Done for you emails
  • Done for you affiliate programs attached
  • Training On How To Promote it
  • And much more.

It is completely newbie friendly and doesn’t cost a lot to get started.

Cost: $49/month (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

5.  My Lead Gen Secret

My lead gen secret website

This is training and traffic source where you can use their email list and send any affiliate offer you want to them.

They have training on how to use their mailer and what products to promote which includes Clickbank ones.

Basically what happens when you sign up is you get 100 leads sent to their system for you to email.

All you have to do is email those leads once per day with any affiliate offer you desire.

This is a very cost effective way to start getting sales as a complete newbie.

If you want a free training on this, check out my YouTube video here.

Cost: $30/month (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Final Verdict

Whether you want a completely custom affiliate marketing course experience or just want to use a done for you system, there is everything you need in this blog post.

They all have their pros and cons and it’s up to you which direction you want to go in.

Personally if you want to learn and build a custom affiliate marketing business around a brand you want to create, then I would recommend Entre Institute.

If you just want to pay something per month and use a done for you service, then I would recommend something like Multiple Income Funnel.

The question you should ask yourself “Which is going to get me the best LONG term results?”.

If it’s long term results you are looking for, then nothing beats Entre Institute (check them out here).

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