“Get Rich Quick” Scheme Busted: Police Raid IM Mastery Academy Event

“Get Rich Quick” Scheme Busted: Police Raid IM Mastery Academy Event

Just four days after receiving a security fraud warning from Luxembourg’s Financial Watchdog, IM Mastery Academy dared to throw a glitzy marketing event in Kirchberg on May 29th.

Aimed at capturing the attention of youthful scholars, this event turned into a real-life thriller when the police stormed in, responding to a flurry of worried parents’ complaints.

Law enforcement swooped in with a dramatic flair, apprehending several event organizers.

Though the mastermind behind the organization, Chris Terry, was notably absent, the presence of the law was strongly felt.

As per reports from Today, on June 7th, the Kirchberg Police confirmed they had initiated a full-blown investigation, shaking up the IM Mastery Academy’s brass.

Among the many allegations leveled, one particularly glaring issue was the organization’s failure to secure a proper establishment permit.

The public prosecutor has been alerted, and an order for the seizure of critical documents has been issued.

While the identities of the apprehended IM Mastery Academy leaders remain shrouded in secrecy, their predicament is public and undeniable.

Early investigations reveal a disturbing pattern: IM Mastery Academy seems to have a predatory focus on secondary school students.

They lure these youngsters with grandiose promises of stock market training, seeking monthly payments in return. The police have sounded the alarm on these questionable “academies”, warning of potentially severe repercussions. They fear such schemes could tempt students to drop out of school in hopes of making quick, effortless money.

It appears that this dangerous strategy targeting young people is the brainchild of Alex Morton, a notorious figure known for a similar modus operandi in his previous company, Vemma.

He marketed aggressively to students under the “Young People’s Revolution” banner.

Vemma faced legal trouble in August 2015 when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued them for operating a pyramid scheme.

Morton’s marketing approach was explicitly cited as a culprit.

Vemma was said to entice college students and young adults with visions of wealth without needing a conventional job.

The FTC aimed to shut down the operation, which was raking in over $200 million annually and affecting consumers across the US and in over 50 other countries.

Today, Morton appears to be peddling the same strategy with a new product: foreign exchange (forex) education instead of energy drinks.

And why wouldn’t he? After a similar raid in Spain led to the arrest of IM Mastery Academy leaders in March 2022, Spanish authorities shockingly allowed another marketing event in Barcelona the same month.

They were banking on a similar leniency from Luxembourg, but it seems Luxembourg isn’t one to turn a blind eye to such fraudulent activities.

Despite the debacle, IM Mastery Academy has another extravagant marketing event scheduled for early September in Croatia.

Meanwhile, in the US, IM Mastery Academy and Chris Terry are under the FTC’s radar for a consumer protection investigation.

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