Mitotic Money Exit Scam: The Cryptocurrency Circus that Keeps on Giving

Mitotic Money Exit Scam: The Cryptocurrency Circus that Keeps on Giving

Mitotic Money, the latest financial farce, has come crashing down with a supposed “banking issues” exit scam, leaving investors dazed and confused.

Mitotic Money Review

On April 30th, the company suddenly froze withdrawals, then maintained radio silence for two whole days like a teenager avoiding chores.

When they finally decided to grace their investors with an email, the explanations were, well, less than convincing.

According to Mitotic Money, they hit a snag processing withdrawal requests, all thanks to their “super sophisticated” automated payment system.

This system, which supposedly takes care of withdrawals every 15th and 30th, is designed to keep everything transparent and accurate (wink, wink).

Due to their current debacle, they’ve generously decided to delay the withdrawal of funds until the next 15th, while they “tinker” with the integrated technology.

As a global operation, they frown upon manual withdrawals – because who needs human intervention, right?

This reasoning, however, smells fishier than a seafood market.

Mitotic Money deals in cryptocurrency investments, which, in theory, can be paid out whenever they please.

The company’s oh-so-brilliant solution is to cancel all pending withdrawals and allow users to try their luck on the next 15th.

They encourage users to keep the faith, much like fans of a perpetually losing sports team.

With this move, Mitotic Money buys itself just under two weeks to create a gap wider than the Grand Canyon between itself and its investors.

Rumor has it that Mitotic Money is a FAKE CEO Ponzi scheme with Venezuelan actors playing puppet.

The real masterminds are believed to be Russians, but we can’t definitively discount the Ukrainians either.

Talk about an international ensemble!

Lately, Mitotic Money’s promotional efforts have targeted Russia, prompting the Central Bank of Russia to issue a fraud warning in February.

Better late than never, right?

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