Q Sciences Review – Scam Or Legit MLM Company? Find Out Here!

Q Sciences Review – Scam Or Legit MLM Company? Find Out Here!

What is Q Sciences Review?

Q sciences review

Q Sciences is a vitamin and mineral supplement brand that promotes a healthy mood, concentration, energy, digestion, and weight loss. A happier you and your family can be achieved with Q Sciences clinically tested micronutrients for brain and body, but are they effective.

Chances are someone probably approached you about the products or business opportunity and you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

Just make sure you pay close attention and read this to the end.

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Q Sciences Review

Q Sciences is a supplement company that specializes in health and wellness. The items’ makers claim that they improve mood, concentration, digestion, stamina, and weight loss. Natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals are all part of the Q Sciences formula. It wasn’t until 2014 that Q Sciences came to market. Supplements such as Q Max, Q Biotics, and Q Vitalize can be purchased through the official website.

Q Trim and Q Hemp Oil are two of the weight-loss products offered by Q Sciences. Among the contents are green tea extract, white kidney bean extract, and Garcinia Cambogia extract.

Q Sciences Company Overview

Marc Wilson is the owner, founder and CEO of Q Sciences who had 30 years of successful real estate experience and former two-time Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders which is pretty cool!

Mark Wilson

Company Facts:

  • Founded in 2012
  • Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah
  • Full range of full spectrum hemp and nutritional supplements
  • Doing business in 23 countries and four continents
  • Global company expanding reach consistently

Dr. Stephen Kimberly, M.D has 30 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist with both traditional and alternative medicine.

He also served as Senior Editor for WebMD, the leading source of medical information on the internet.

Dr. Stephen Kimberly

When it come sot the leadership, it’s top notch.

What Are Q Sciences Products Review?

Q Sciences products

When it comes to actual products, there no shortages here that’s for sure.

Q Sciences specialize in the health and nutritional products niche with skin creams as well.

This is a list of the health products available from Q Sciences:

Q Men’s Complete

  • Q 96 or Q Max – Promotes and sustains total-body nutritional health
  • Q Prime – Supplement for the heart
  • Q Omegas – Aids in the regulation of cholesterol level.
  • Q Biotics – A probiotic solution that helps your body get more healthy bacteria, particularly if you’re doing the Q cleanse.
  • Q Vitalize for Men – Helps with stamina, success, and maintaining natural testosterone levels.

Q Women’s Complete

  • Q 96 or Q Max – Promotes total-body nutritional health.
  • Q Prime – Supplement for the heart
  • Q Omegas – Aids in the regulation of cholesterol levels.
  • Q Biotics – A probiotic solution that helps your body get more healthy bacteria, particularly if you’re doing the Q cleanse.
  • Q Vitalize for Women – Balances hormones, stimulates estrogen levels, and improves mood.

Q Core Bundles

  • Q 96 or Q Max – Promotes  total-body nutritional health
  • Q Prime – Supplement for the heart
  • Q Omegas – Aids in the regulation of cholesterol levels.
  • Q Biotics – A probiotic solution that helps your body get more healthy bacteria, particularly if you’re doing the Q cleanse.

Q Skincare

  • Q Cleanse – Anti-aging cream that promotes youthful skin.
  • Q Mask – Exfoliating and cleansing mask
  • Q Lift – Wrinkle cream that enhances the shape, color, and overall look of the skin
  • Q Day Cream – Moisturizing cream that hydrates and soothes the skin for day use
  • Q Night Cream – Moisturizing cream for night use

Q Men’s and Women’s Health

  • Q 96 – Promotes  total-body nutritional health
  • Q Biotics – A probiotic solution that helps your body get more healthy bacteria, particularly if you’re doing the Q cleanse.
  • Q 10+ – No description
  • Q Vitalize for Men or Women – Refer to abovementioned info

Q Total Nutrition

  • Q 96 – Promotes total-body nutritional health
  • Q Max – Same as Q96 but s lightly better
  • Q 96 Berries and Bananas – Same as Q 96 above, but mostly for children’s taste.
  • Q 96 Mandarin Orange – Similar to the Q 96 definition above, except mostly for children’s taste.
  • Q Amino Acids – Helps in muscle development, muscle regeneration, and fat burning.
  • Q Calcium with Magnesium – Helps maintain stable bone density.

Q Vascular Health

  • Q Prime – Nutrition for the heart
  • Q Omegas – Aids in cholesterol regulation

Q Energy

  • E.V. sport – Increases physical and emotional vitality while still supplying nitric oxide to help in blood flow.
  • E.V. Focus – Increases both physical and emotional energy.

Q Digestive Health

  • Q Biotics – A probiotic solution that helps your body get more healthy bacteria, particularly if you’re doing the Q cleanse.
  • Q Cleanse – Used to cleanse the whole body and improve overall digestion
  • Q Fiber – Aids in endurance

Q Sprays

  • Q D-3 – Spray form of vitamin D3. (mouth)
  • Q C+ – Vitamin C spray. (mouth)
  • Q Sleep – Melatonin spray   (mouth)
  • Q B-12 – Vitamin B-12 spray  (mouth)
  • Q Boost – Spray form of an appetite and metabolism booster  (mouth)
  • Q Relief – Amino acid spray to assist in pain relief (mouth)

Q Weight Management

  • Q eEquivalent+ of Xanthones – Helps with weight loss and blood sugar control.
  • Chocolate flavor – This flavor tastes like chocolate. (Perhaps because most of these powders taste chalky)
  • Vanilla flavor – This flavor tastes like vanilla. (Perhaps)

Full disclosure – we haven’t tested the meal substitutes that Q Sciences sells, but we have tried around 20 different ones from our own store and the majority are either okay or chalky.

Q sciences website

Exchange And Return Policy For QScience

Refunds and exchanges can be requested within 30 days of the date of purchase for any Q Sciences product by returning the unused portion of the product to Q Sciences. An Ambassador, who is allowed to resell the goods, purchased the product for you. Refund requests can be made directly to Ambassadors in the United States and Canada, only. The cost of shipping is not refundable in any way.

What Is The Cost And Where To Buy Q Sciences?

The official website of Q Sciences sells the company’s products. Individuals can also buy these supplements from the official distributors, who are also part of the MLM business model. As a result, Q Sciences’ prices may change. Q Sciences does have a refund policy, however, there isn’t much information on it. Customers can contact the company’s customer care department to learn more about canceling subscriptions and requesting refunds for merchandise.

Does Q Sciences work?

There is some concern about the lack of study, but this does not rule out the effectiveness of the items. There were occasional reports of short-term effects and modest adverse effects from certain individuals, although they were minor.

Q Sciences Compensation Plan

A variety of revenue streams are available to Q Sciences distributors via the company’s login website and network. Sales of by-products, the first of these methods, pay a fee of roughly 13% Next, the organization offers a $50 monthly team bonus to distributors who maintain a team of three active distributors. The organization offers commissions ranging from 5% to 20% for the first three levels of downline recruitment. In addition, distributors that succeed in their work are rewarded well by the corporation.

Q Sciences Retail Commissions

Q Sciences, like other MLMs, offers you a commission when you sell to customers. In order to determine commissions, a company looks at the overall amount of sales. This percentage rises in line with rising sales, as evidenced by the figures presented here:

  • From 1 to 500 GV, the retail revenue commission rate would be 15%.
  • A 20% retail sales commission rate would be achieved by earning between 501 and 1000 GV.
  • A retail sales commission rate of 25% is available to those with 1001 or more GV.

Residual commission

It’s common for residual income to be the most tempting part of MLM companies. Depending on the amount you qualify for, residual commissions are determined by Q Sciences’ uni-level compensation scheme.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Q Sciences Reviews?

To get your business up and running, Q Sciences costs $79.95. In addition, a $560 launching kit is recommended. Affiliates of Q Sciences are required to pay a fee of $79.95. Products you plan to sell are not included in this.

Pricing for affiliates varies from $125 to $435 depending on the package. Even though it’s the cheapest MLM company, I don’t recommend it as an investment because its brand has been associated with serious difficulties.

What Are Other Q Sciences Reviews Saying?

Q Sciences has been in the marketplace for a while and most of the Q Sciences reviews out there are positive which is a good thing.  Just watch out for reviews that constantly bash other MLM companies to present their own product.

QSciences Scam

Multi-level marketing company Quintessential Biosciences, sometimes known as Q Sciences, promotes weight loss, nutrition, and skincare products. There are pros and cons to being part of an MLM, of course. Understandably, some people are apprehensive about this type of business. Many people have had unpleasant experiences with this type of business strategy, even though it is legal.

One resemblance between MLM and a pyramid scheme – the recruiting component – causes a lot of confusion. Multi-level marketing entails recruiting new members to your team to earn more commissions and rewards for your efforts. Instead of being reimbursed directly for recruiting new employees, you will receive bonuses when your team reaches a specified sales milestone or a predetermined number of recruits.

Another distinction is that your income is derived from the promotion of physical goods. It’s possible to earn money through an online pyramid scheme simply by suggesting a friend join. Even though some pyramid schemes use products to mask their true intentions, you don’t have any things to market.

Is Q Sciences scam?

Does the Q Science scam exist?  To be honest it’s not a scam.  It’s important to keep an eye out for this type of MLM company, though. It’s difficult for them to shake off the things they’ve been involved in. Due to their distributors’ aggressive statements, someone has died.

There are three red flags

  • It’s not recognized.
  • It was given an F for its performance.
  • Complaints have gone unanswered.

Many MLM organizations have recently received unfavorable criticism on the BBB, yet their customer support has been consistent enough in responding to their complaints.

Poor customer service and charges to credit cards without authorization were among the most common complaints.

Is Q Sciences a pyramid scheme?

Network marketing organizations are legitimate businesses because they have things to offer and a compensation scheme that doesn’t rely solely on recruiting new members. MLM distributors don’t get paid directly for introducing another individual, but rather, they are paid when their downline or team members make a sale.

Only new referrals can bring in money in a pyramid system. While that may work for a short time, once they run out of new members, there will be no more money to compensate you for bringing them in.

Final Verdict – Should You Join QSciences?

Overall, Q Sciences has been in the marketplace for some time and their leadership is definitely good.

The company has a great product line overall and their compensation plan does rewards distributors to sell to retail customers and recruit new affiliates.

When it comes to MLM, just remember it’s going to take a lot of work to get going, but if you stick with it long enough and truly believe in the products and vision you should be fine.

What I recommend doing is try some of the products first and see how you like them.

From there you can decide to start selling the products or not.

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